Ways to Fix Spotify is not Downloading Songs (Updated 2024)

The ability to download songs for offline listening is one of Spotify Premium’s standout features when compared to Spotify Free. As a result, you can stream Spotify music on the go without connecting to a WiFi network. When Spotify is not downloading, it can be challenging to access the millions of music on the platform.

When it comes to Spotify tracks, some users report that they prefer to download them to their phones; however, not all of the songs they have chosen to download have the green “Download” symbol displayed below them. In the meantime, the top indicator has been stuck at “Waiting to download” for a while. It is among the most frequent problems with Spotify. Fortunately, there are powerful solutions to resolve the Spotify is not downloading issue, and you can try them out yourself.

Spotify is not Downloading

How to Fix Spotify is Not Downloading?

Once you understand the reason why Spotify is not downloading, you can use your Spotify account to troubleshoot the issue in six usual ways.

Confirm Your Spotify Premium

The reason for your Spotify Premium not downloading could be that your subscription is waiting to be renewed. To view your Premium plan, follow the steps listed below.

  • On Spotify, select Your Library and then tap on your Profile.
  • You can see your current status under Account.
  • To renew your Spotify Premium plan, if you’ve been demoted to Spotify Free, tap on Premium plan, and your subscription will be renewed.
Spotify premium subscription active on iPhone

Reset Internet Connection

You might need to take another step to reset your network connection and solve Spotify not downloading music if you discover that your connection is unstable or your device is not connected to the network. To reset your network connection, select the Settings tab on your mobile device. You have the option of turning on the cellular data network or connecting your phone to a WiFi network.

Allow Spotify to Download Using Data

Have you turned on cellular data but discovered that Spotify is still having trouble downloading? For Spotify to download, you need to allow cellular downloading.

  • To access the Audio Quality section on Spotify, tap the Settings gear and scroll down.
  • Turn on the download via cellular.
Allow Spotify to Download Using Data

Remove Downloads

You can remove some of the downloaded songs from your device and attempt downloading music from Spotify once more if the download restriction is why Spotify is not downloading. Additionally, clearing out some downloads assists in storage space.

  • Select Your Library and click the button labeled “Downloaded.”
  • Choose the album or playlist you wish to delete from your local storage after downloading.
  • Press the green “Downloaded” toggle, and then tap “Remove” to confirm.

Go to Spotify Settings > Storage > Delete All Downloads to make the option to erase every download available to you.

Remove Downloads from Spotify

Clean Up Phone Storage

All of the information related to the music is cached while you listen to it. Spotify may build up corrupted caches over time, which may lead to malfunctions and stop Spotify from downloading. Furthermore, the total size of all these caches rapidly uses up the storage on your phone. It’s time to erase the Spotify caches on your phone to free up storage.

  • Click the menu icon in the top-right location to access Spotify Settings.
  • Find the Storage area on the scrolling screen.
  • To remove useless data, tap Clear Cache.

Uninstall and Reinstall Spotify

In addition to the fixes mentioned above, you might consider uninstalling Spotify from your smartphone if the issue is with it not downloading music. Try to uninstall the existing Spotify app from your smartphone and replace it with its latest and most recent version.

  • Long-press the Home screen’s Spotify app icon.
  • Choose Remove App (iPhone) or Uninstall (Android).
  • Look up Spotify on the iPhone App Store or Play Store.
  • To access Spotify on your phone, tap Get.

Use Spotify Downloader

A popular choice for those who are passionate about music and enjoy listening to songs on reliable platforms and tools is the Spotify downloader. A tool called Spotify Downloader was created specifically to provide you access to an infinite number of music playlists featuring your favorite singers. You may download and listen to songs, tracks, playlists, and albums from this site. 

To download your favorite songs to any of your devices, the Spotify downloader has an intuitive UI. 

Let’s look at how to use the Spotify downloader to fix Spotify is not downloading.

  • Launch Spotify on your Android or iPhone.
  • Look for and download your favorite song or playlist.
  • Tap the three dots in the song’s title.
  • Select the sharing option now.
  • Tap the copy button.
  • Go to (Spotisaver) Spotify Downloader to launch the Spotify music downloader.
  • Paste the copied link into the search bar, then hit the search button.
  • After a little while, the download buttons and details will appear. Tap on them.
  • Your music will begin to download once your request has been completed, which may take a few seconds.

Summing It Up

If Spotify is not downloading songs, there are several potential solutions to try. Ensure your Spotify Premium subscription is active, reset your internet connection, and allow Spotify to download using cellular data. You can also remove existing downloads, clear the app cache, and uninstall/reinstall the Spotify app. Alternatively, a third-party Spotify downloader tool can help bypass downloading issues by directly downloading songs and playlists. 
While a premium streaming service, Spotify occasionally encounters hiccups with downloading content. However, following the troubleshooting steps outlined in this article can help resolve the “Spotify is not downloading” issue and restore seamless offline music access.

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